T-Ball – It’s a Blast!!!

We at GKSA are looking forward to this summer’s T-Ball season. We have continued to see this division grow and grow and the kids seem to get more enthusiastic with each year!  This season we will be reducing the amount of players on each team in order to get kids more at-bats, more touches of the ball and promote more play.

As always we are looking for coaches and co-coaches. We will be having a coaching clinic for new coaches so if you don’t have a lot of experience, trust us, you don’t need to worry about that!!! If you feel you cannot commit to being at every game either for work or other reasons maybe co-coaching is the answer! At this level, parents are generally at the diamond anyway and it doesn’t just have to be parents who coach, Grandparents are welcome too! Please feel free to contact us.

T-Ball FAQ

Q. My son/daughter can’t wait to start playing T-Ball for the first time. So what do I do?

A. Awesome! Simply click here to register online. Then, sit tight and wait for a call from your coach sometime soon!

Q. Is it really just $80 for an entire season of T-Ball?

A. Yep. This gets you a ball cap, shirt, basic picture package, trophies at the end of the year, a ball and a whole season of T-Ball. Good deal, eh?

Q. My child is only 4, but I think that they’re ready to start T-ball. Is this allowed?

A. We recognize that some 4 year olds are more “mature” than others.  You, as their parent, are the best judge of your child.  We would however you to consider that they really need to have an appropriate attention span to focus on the game so that they aren’t at risk of injury (i.e. getting hit by a ball).  Also, they MUST be a minimum of 4 years of age when they register (i.e. they can’t be turning 4 in May or June).

Q. What diamonds are used for T-Ball?

A. The diamonds used for T-Ball are Bayridge, Hudson and LaSalle (off of McEwen Dr.).

Q. What time(s) do the game begin and how long are they?

A. T-Ball games begin at 6:30 on Mondays (plan on being there for about 6:15 although it depends on the coach) and they last for an hour.

Q. When does the season get going?

A. We are hoping early May, but it’s not up to us. Hope for wind and sun to dry the fields!

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