CANpitch Clinics Coming Soon

Want to learn how to pitch?  Want to hone your skills?  CANpitch 2017 clinics will start on March 23 and run for 6 weeks for one hour a week, once a week. These clinics will be held at Bayridge Public School on Hudson Drive and the first session will start at 6:30.  We would like to run two sessions this year with the younger less experienced kids going first in the earlier session.

Pitchers must provide their own catchers (an older sibling/parent/grandparent) but other than that a ball glove and running shoes are all that is required. The cost is $90.40, and you need to register soon as sessions fill up quickly.

Please contact Brenda Harmsen if you are interested or have any questions.

Below is a breakdown of the clinics:

  • FUNDAMENTALS: provides participants with the proper instruction of grip, wrist snap, arm rotation, and stride – participants should be a minimum of 6 years of age.
  • LEARN 2 TRAIN: This stage has participants focusing on the coordination of the arms and legs, the power line and throwing strikes – ideally ages 8-12 however based more on pitching experience than age.
  • TRAIN 2 TRAIN : This stage has participants focusing on mechanics, velocity, control, drop, change, rise and curve Age: Ideally for ages 13-16 focusing more on pitching experience than age.
  • COMBINED: This clinic is a combo of Fundamentals and Learn 2 Train clinics.

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