GKSA Registration FAQ

GKSA Registration Details and FAQ

Q. How can I register.

A. You, my friend, have options…

Q. My son/daughter can’t wait to start playing T-Ball for the first time. So what do I do?

A. Awesome! Simply click here to register online OR print off a registration form and mail it in. Then, sit tight and wait for a call from your coach sometime soon!

Q. I’d really like to register in-person.

A. No problem.  We’ll be having an in-person registration on Thursday, April 6 from 6-8 pm at Bayridge Public School (Hudson Dr).

Q. Is it really just $50 for an entire season of T-Ball?

A. Yep.

Q. My child is only 4, but I think that they’re ready to start T-ball. Is this allowed?

A. We recognize that some 4 year olds are more “mature” than others.  You, as their parent, are the best judge of your child.  We would however you to consider that they really need to have an appropriate attention span to focus on the game so that they aren’t at risk of injury (i.e. getting hit by a ball).  Also, they MUST be a minimum of 4 years of age when they register (i.e. they can’t be turning 4 in May or June).