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  • View Pitching Machine Bookings (coming soon)
    • Machine at Bayridge
    • Machine at LaSalle

Pitching Machine

The pitching machine must be booked before use. You can book by emailing Jon Swaine at any time, being sure to include time, date, division and coach name.  In the case that one coach/team is booking the machine every single week at the same time, that is fine as long as no other coach wants it at that time. If another coach wants it, they must be given access in a fair and equitable way.

Diamond Booking

Once you have determined the diamond you would like to reserve, email Jon Swaine, GKSA Diamond Scheduler to do so. Please include the date, time and the diamond you are requesting.  Note that you don’t have the diamond until you receive confirmation.

  • DIAMONDS – GKSA has access to LaSalle (all 3), Bayridge (all 3), Lawrence Park and Hillview.

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